Company Profile

MindGeek continues to drive the state of technology forward, developing industry-leading solutions enabling faster, more efficient delivery of content every second to millions of customers worldwide. The Company is committed to enhancing its technological capabilities and thrives on a sustainable growth trajectory built on innovation and excellence.

With over 1000 employees worldwide, MindGeek continues its expansion with the acquisition and licensing of some of the most iconic brands in entertainment media.

MindGeek is a global industry-leading information technology firm headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in Dublin, Nicosia, Hamburg, London, Miami, Montreal, Bucharest and Los Angeles.

Social Corporate Responsibility

MindGeek is committed to responsible corporate citizenship, seeking to make a positive impact on the communities in which we work and live, supporting work/life flexibility of our employees and active participation on industry issues.

Supporting Our People

MindGeek invests and supports the development of employees that are core to our future success by providing a healthy work environment and empowering employees through training and meaningful development opportunities.

Supporting Our Communities

MindGeek sponsors and supports organizations that improve our industry and influence the marketplace to promote ethical and responsible behavior. This commitment is an extension of our core values to provide meaningful contribution to our industry and the customers we serve.

Supporting Our Industry

MindGeek supports local charitable organizations through volunteer efforts, identifying opportunities for our global workforce to make a difference in their respective communities by donating employee time during office hours to dedicate to these initiatives.

Our Mission Statement

To deliver a world-class portfolio of entertainment experiences and IT solutions to a global customer base, utilizing our expertise to drive innovation and build new solutions exceeding customer expectations.